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redheadsandromans asked:

Do you have any tips for students going back to school on how to address the anti-Israel and anti-semitic sentiments that may be spreading onto campus through pro-Palestinian groups?


Stand With Us is a great resource. They have lots of information on their website, and everything is also available as hard copies. If there is a chapter near your college, contact them. If there is a ZOA chapter nearby they may also be helpful. You should check out your school’s Hillel, but be aware that some chapters have become so “enlightened” that they’ve abandoned their purpose for political correctness. Check out Campus Watch.

If you feel that you’re being demeaned or harassed because of your beliefs, and your school’s administration isn’t taking it as seriously as they would harassment of any other minority, contact FIRE.

Be careful in engaging Israel-haters. They do get violent sometimes.

Post ten facts about yourself and then tag ten of your favorite blogs.

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1. I have a love-hate relationship with tacos. I love to eat them… I hate to watch them disappear before my eyes #ComeBack! :’(

2. I once got knocked out cold in the 5th grade…by my school’s merry-go-round.

3. Twister is one of my favorite movies from the 90s. Just got done watching it a little bit ago as a matter of fact :)

4. I live in the part of Minnesota that they don’t advertise on tv. Because its boring and full of acres upon acres of corn and soybeans. ‘Up north’ is where its at.

5. I have a wonderful mother and father. And I only have two siblings; two older sisters who have blessed me with three nieces and two nephews. Family is very important to me.

6. I prefer dogs over cats.

7. I love to hunt whitetail deer and have only missed one season since it all started for me. I know. One season. Blasphemous! 

8. I’m a die hard fan of the Minnesota Vikings. Go ahead, make fun of me.

9. I say pop instead of soda. Sue me.

10. I have no known allergies #BOOM :P

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What We Now Know About Officer Who Shot Ferguson Teen – And One HUGE Development Changes Everything   

I loathe bandwagons. This is why I withhold judgement until actual facts are presented. It’d be petty of me otherwise.

All week you could have asked people what they thought about the scores of black American teenagers dying every month in our nation’s inner cities because of gang violence and you would have gotten a “Meh, over look that. You hear about the racist pig in Ferguson??” response.

A week of protests where dozens of city vehicles were destroyed, private businesses vandalized and looted all for “justice”. Justice for what? You weren’t there when the incident occured. You took the first bit of sensationalized journalism and ran wild with it.

It’s sickening to see how increasingly animalistic and moraless our society is becoming.

Far too many people just want to racebait and hates cops. Where does that get us? No where but for decay and ruin. And that’s exactly where these people want us to be.



Story goes a cop responded to a robbery and saw Michael Brown walking and matching the description exactly. The cop claims after he stopped and took the guy into his car he struggled and reached for his gun and shot him. Others give different accounts from the cop just executed him for no reason to he tried to drag him through the driver seat window lel.

If only people had waited for the facts to come out and let the investigation happen instead of freak the fuck out and “demand justice or no peace” thus halting any investigation while people rioted and looted for 4 days resulting in a death, a drive by, over a dozen looted stores, burned cars and a store and shootings all over lmao.

Every single person that defended this guy, and the looters and protesters and every single idiot that supported this shit shit on facebook and twitter, each and every single one of you are fucking morons.

There are much better things to be concerned about and protest and give world attention to.

From the look of things and the police report, its looking like Michael Brown was indeed the guy in the footage and might have actually tried to take the gun off the got and got shot. Investigation is still on going.

Anyway here is the police report

And the video

Some excuses on twitter and shit trying to run MAXIMUM damage control (and failing)

>thats not him
>who cares it was just some cheap shit
>doesnt look like a robbery to me
>I dont believe its him and you cant change my mind
>faked by police after the fact

Needless to say all the leftist media and mentally ill SJW liberals are mad as fuck.

Butt status #REKT

This is a pretty solid ID. Anybody saying that the video still of the robbery aren’t Mike Brown is being incredibly dishonest at this point.





"If you’ve done no wrong, surely the courts will look on you as innocent before proving you guilty."

I can’t even come up with irony for that, because shitstains like this make sure this never REACHES court.

He’s burying himself and hiding becuase he knows, he KNOWS he did wrong. He KNOWS He fucked up.

And he knows that the system that has gone to great lengths to ensure he won’t suffer anything worse than a suspension of ‘being fired’ can’t protect him from people who know his face, his name, and everything else.

Because he knows his face now is more memorized and circulated than Edward Snowden.

And he can’t hide from the fucking world.

Ferguson Officer Byran P Williams, the man who murdered Mike Brown, is comfortably sitting at home changing his facebook name to a cartoon character and going “tee hee no one will find me now!!”

Use his full name as often as possible, make it immediately come up when you google Ferguson or Michael Brown.

Make sure his name is marked in fucking history. They can’t fucking hide anymore.


This is NOT the guy that shot Mike Brown. This guy was never an Officer.


And this wasn’t even from the “real” Anonymous account.

SIGNAL BOOST before idiots like you decide to take vigilante justice on an innocent person.

I used to wonder how an intelligent community like Salem could ever conduct ridiculous acts of vengeance on seemingly innocent individuals within their own community. I used to blame it on religion when I was younger, but then stupidity like this happens in our own day in age.

Well done internet. Way to start your own modern day witch hunt. The police and FBI have the officer involved already, but you insist on hunting him down and trying to out him yourself so you can persecute him with your own mob style of justice.

^^^17th century Salem, Mass. had tumblr, we just didnt know about it until this shocking realization.


They just used rudimentary post-it notes.

Anyways, I love how there are people who are mad that police are acting like they’re both “judge and jury out there” now and yet they’re the same ones asking for this cops life in return for an incident they were not witness too, nor have been given all of the evidence of.

Just because someone is unarmed doesn’t mean they are not capable of being a threat. There’s a reason officers refer to their patrol cars as coffins.

As with all other cases I take note of, I reserve judgement until all of the facts are presented. It’d be petty of me to do otherwise.

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